We’re in!

Well, we are officially moved in and I did a terrible job keeping up with updating you all but I’m going to make it up to you with endless content now – I promise.

Before I go into specific topics, here is a little bit of insight behind our selections.

My inspiration for our finishings is modern minimalist softened with a touch of warm beach tones and textures. I used a lot of grays and whites throughout the home giving it that fresh modern look. My intent was to keep that clean, crisp feeling throughout the home, but also wanted to be sure that it didn’t feel too cold or sterile – this is where the warm beach tones and textures came in. We chose warmer wood floors with natural black knots washed with a very subtle white undertone. We also warmed up the home by adding white oak wood accents throughout the kitchen and family room and gave the bathrooms a touch of color and depth by using quarter sawn Walnut for the vanities. We hope you enjoy seeing our personal touches as much as we have enjoyed making our vision come to life. We can’t wait to host and welcome all family, friends, and those of you who just need a little bit of inspiration for your own project.

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